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miss ya pal. And the beautiful guy who took this. @caruso_wtow @kkoopp_

#nationldogday here’s the queen bitch

ok so my band @straydogshc’s first show this Saturday at Mother Puggs’ is still happening but we had to drop but you’s should still go and check out our friends in Dead Wrestlers and Nerve’s End!
WE WILL BE PLAYING THIS SHOW THOUGH! September 13th at 5pm in New Dorp, Staten Island with a lot of friends. Show begins at 5pm. Come hangout, have some fun, and support!

quesadilla mob at #AdobeBlues with @thedingowtow and @chillwtowdtd

I’ve been a fan of these guys for some time now. I’ve had the pleasure of becoming friends with them. They’re a bunch of talented musicians and amazing people as well as great friends. There shows are always guaranteed full of entertainment and energy and being around them is always a fun and amazing time. It’s a shame they’re ending this chapter but I’m also excited to see what the future has to offer. They’ll be releasing another album and will also be touring and performing till the end of 2015. Go out with a bang guys! #AL4W #ALossForWords make this Last Ride a great one 😉

don’t know what to watch first.

Burrito time with @anthony_dalessandro

There’s people dressed as zombies coming out of Justino’s in oakwood

super stoked to announce my new bad @straydogshc’s first show August 30th at Mother Puggs in Staten Island, NY. Come out and support and have fun ad party with us!

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